Interested in other opportunities to work on and research international development issues? Check out the following links to learn about some of the exciting work and resources at the University of Minnesota and in the Twin Cities!

Applied Economics Trade and Development Seminars
These seminars offer an excellent opportunity to hear development economists talk about their current research. The seminars are free and are very engaging and informative.


Minnesota Population Center: MPC Seminar series and Inequality & Methods series
The Minnesota Population Centers is an outstanding resource, and these seminars (which MPC describes as “lively and informal”) offer a great chance to hear about inequality from a population studies perspective.


Minnesota Population Center: Free Data Training Workshops
More from the MPC. These trainings teach graduate students and researchers how to access and use MPC data for research. Trainings occur fairly regularly and are free.


Minnesota International Relations Colloquium
The Minnesota International Relations Colloquium coordinates seminars with more of a political science approach to international issues.


Global Notes
An indispensable resource for anybody who is interested in international work, the Global Notes blog offers information about upcoming events, internship and job postings, and information about visiting international scholars.


Twin Cities Tropics
Twin Cities Tropics coordinates networking events for people interested in development in the tropics.


MINN: Minnesota International NGO Network
The Minnesota International NGO Network serves to connect all international humanitarian and development practitioners and supporters based in Minnesota, through education, networking, and information resources.


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