Latinos en Acción: Equity-oriented Engagement with Underrepresented Communities in Rural Minnesota
Fernando Burga, Assistant Professor
Silvia Alvarez, UMN Extension
Gabriela Burk, UMN Extension
Latinos en Accion members

This presentation showcases the work of Latinos en Accion (LEA), a community based organization composed of Latino families in Dodge Center, Minnesota. LEA is dedicated to the promotion of a better future for the Latino community by engaging in work that is geared at addressing disparities and achieving equity while improving communication and collaboration among diverse sectors, and providing support to local municipalities, universities, and commercial sponsors.

Derived from the work of an Extension Issue Area Grant focused on addressing educational disparities, LEA was formed in collaboration with Assistant Professor Fernando Burga at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and staff at the University of Minnesota Extension’s Center for Family Development. LEA is the result of a year-long effort that involved effective collaboration and meaningful engagement with organization members in Dodge Center to develop a strategy for engaging in participatory action research and improving leadership and organizational capacity. By considering LEA as a case study, attendees will learn about key topics concerning the relationship between participatory action research, Design Thinking, and capacity building.

1:30pm – 2:30pm, Wilkins Room (HHH 215)

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