Destination Equality: Harnessing the Power of Travel to Improve Global LGBT Livelihoods
Hannah Bohn, Master of Development Practice
Cody Raasch, Master of Development Practice
Katrina Becker, Master of Development Practice
Richa Sharma, Master of Human Rights

As international and local NGOs are observing a decline in funding for LGBT and other human rights issues globally, the private and civic sectors are seeking alternative sources of funding for organizations working on these issues to continue to provide necessary social services and advocacy. Mossier Social Action and Innovation Center, based in Minnesota, aims to harness the power of tourism to improve the wellbeing of the global LGBT community through the launch of Destination Equality (DE), a website that links LGBT corporate and vacation travelers in the U.S. to local organizations in emerging travel destinations. The goals of DE are to provide authentic hospitality experiences for travelers and create pathways for travelers to support on-the-ground LGBT initiatives in destinations they visit.

This capstone project explores the potential impact of DE as a platform for local organizations and to identify recommendations for its successful and sustainable implementation. Using a wealth of data from diverse sources and perspectives, the team proposes recommendations for how Mossier can successfully launch Destination Equality, exploring the necessary factors for DE to become relevant for users, sustainable for supporters, and impactful for local organizations.

1:30pm – 2:30pm, Wilkins Room (HHH 215)

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