Developmental Evaluation Institute: Designing Alternative Pathways to DE
Jennifer Compton, Master of Development Practice
Vanessa Voller, Master of Development Practice
Patrick Roisen, Master of Development Practice

The mission of the Developmental Evaluation institute (DEI) is to grow and nurture a community of developmental evaluators committed to social justice and equity. The founders of the Institute identified a gap in alternative pathways for individuals from underrepresented communities to learn about and practice Developmental Evaluation (DE). Taking a design thinking approach, this capstone team’s task was to explore the problem, generate potential solutions, and develop and test these approaches to get feedback and ideate on program design.

The presentation outlines the use of design thinking to frame the scope of an international, client-based project, as well as outline the deliverables that have been generated to move the DEI forward to a real product.

3:15pm – 4:15pm, Stassen Room (170 through HHH center)

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