STIR Education Uganda

Adriana Arce Martinez, Master of Development Practice
Andrea Martinez, Master of Human Rights

Tarere Eyimina, Master of Development Practice
Isaac Giron, Master of Development Practice

In conjunction with STIR Education Uganda, four Humphrey students are working on a capacity building training course to enable Learning Improvement members and head teachers to interpret their data and use the results to make improvements in individual schools and in policy and government capacities. STIR Uganda, an organization which primarily works on teacher absenteeism and intrinsic teacher motivation, discovered that schools have an abundance of data that is not adequately being used to tackle issues schools face. This led to the need for a training program aligning the priorities of STIR Uganda and the Ministry of Education and Sports to fill the gap and provide a concrete road map that can guide future school initiatives.

1:30pm – 2:30pm, Stassen Room (170 through HHH center)

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