2018 Presentations

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Round 1 (1:30pm – 2:30pm)

International Development
Stassen Room (170 through HHH center)

  1. Considerations for Sustainable, Collaborative Engineering Projects in Engineers Without Borders
  2. Dynamic Drivers of Hydroelectric Dam Construction in the Global South
  3. STIR Education Uganda

Equity & Inclusion
Wilkins Room (HHH 215)

  1. 2017-18 Equity & Inclusion Community Conversation
  2. Latinos en Acción: Equity-oriented Engagement with Underrepresented Communities in Rural Minnesota
  3. Autism Spectrum Disorder in South Asia
  4. Destination Equality: Harnessing the Power of Travel to Improve Global LGBT Livelihoods

Poster Presentations (2:45 – 3:15)

Humphrey Forum

How Planning for Self Driving Technology Can Help All People
Daniel McNiel, Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Policy and Economic Competitiveness Program; Frank Douma; Adeel Lari
Recent community conversations in Greater Minnesota have revealed an excitement about the possibility for Self Driving Vehicle technology to offer safer and more inclusive transportation opportunities for Minnesota’s transit-dependent populations. By engaging with communities and stakeholders throughout Minnesota, TPEC hopes these conversations will help to address and better understand the equity implications of this emerging technology here in Minnesota. Gender Policy in International Climate Finance
Peder Garnaas-Halvorson, MS-STEP; Lindsey Forsberg, MS-STEP; Sam Holte, MPP; Didi Kim, MS-STEP; Gabe Chan, Assistant Professor
Most climate funds have adopted gender policies over the last decade in the interest of increasing gender equality. These funds control billions of dollars intended to help developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change, which gives them a unique position in translating gender policies into action. However, these policies are new, and it is unclear if and to what extent they have been successful. We hope to stimulate a discussion for practitioners to consider how their actions are part of a larger context and develop a framework for understanding how gender considerations can best be included in climate action.

Wings of the Night
Tyler Vogel, Master of Development Practice
Wings of the Night depletes mosquito-borne transmission rates utilizing natural predation from bats while empowering the local community by providing education and reducing financial burdens.

Aelios Technology
Sourav Patel, PhD Electrical Engineering; Saurav Talukdar, PhD Mechanical Engineering; Shreyas Bhaban, PhD Electrical Engineering; Atul Fotedar Master of Business Administration
Aelios Technology’s mission is to mitigate the adverse effects of power scarcity in the healthcare sector to help save lives in developing economies by their Intelligent Plug for Devices (IPlugD).

Depósito de Confianza
Robyn Thompson, BA Political Science
Depósito de Confianza offers community-based silos to farmers in rural Nicaragua to increase farmer income security in a high-volatility crop market.

Round 2 (3:15pm – 4:15pm)

International Development
Stassen Room (170 through HHH center)

  1. Developmental Evaluation Institute: Designing Alternative Pathways to DE
  2. Sustainable Community Development Through Ecotourism in Guatemala
  3. Project Conservation

Equity & Inclusion
Wilkins Room (HHH 215)

  1. Empathy is at the Heart of Diplomacy
  2. Change Network Minnesota
  3. With Ben Shapiro Coming, Come to an Anti-Racist Teach-in Instead


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