Grant Program

IPID’s purpose is to foster interdisciplinary perspectives among University of Minnesota students in the field of international development.

One way we do this is by providing financial assistance to students pursuing international development projects that integrate multiple disciplines, perspectives and approaches to development. Each year, up to five students are awarded grants up to $1,250. The award is provided as a reimbursement of expenditures for travel, research and living expenses during May to December.

These grants provide an important funding source to undergraduate, graduate and professional students participating in research for their thesis or capstone, or building professional experience through a job or internship. Grantees also strengthen interdisciplinary perspectives on-campus by serving as diverse, high-quality speakers at IPID’s annual Grant Talk the year after receiving their funding support.

Guidelines & Eligibility

To be eligible, grant applicants should meet the following basic criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in a University of Minnesota degree program
  • Seeking funding for a project related to international development that is also considered research, internship or work experience
  • Seeking funding for a project to be conducted in a country other than the United States for a minimum of three (3) weeks, and up to four (4) months; the country must be approved for travel by the University of Minnesota
  • A faculty advisor has approved the project
  • Student will be able to present project results in-person in January 2018

Applicants may be citizens of any country to apply. Students who have received an IPID grant in the past are ineligible for future grants. Students may only apply once during each application period; if you apply multiple times, only the last application submitted will be considered.

If awarded, applicants must disclose all sources of funding; total funding received should not exceed the total cost of the experience. Finally, grantees are responsible for all project-related arrangements.





Completed applications must be submitted by March 1, 2017 at 11:59 pm to:

Awards will be announced by April 14, 2017.


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