Student Speaker Conference


IPID’s largest recurring event is the four-hour Student Speaker Conference, held at the end of each semester.  Approximately 50 students attend these highly-regarded conferences.  IPID provides a catered dinner for both the presenters and the audience to recharge during the conference, followed by time for informal conversation and networking. By promoting a continual dialogue across various graduate departments, we expand on the perspectives associated with each respective discipline, and help student members develop a more integrated approach to international development issues.

The Student Speaker Conference theme is determined by IPID members through survey results, and the speakers are chosen according to how well their research aligns with the expressed interest. Thus, this conference is entirely student-driven. This conference gives students an excellent opportunity to present their research, receive feedback from their peers, and discuss the latest trends in the development across all disciplines.

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 IPID Student Speaker Conference, Fall 2013


IPID’s Fall Student Speaker Conference theme was Technology in Development. We had student presentations ranging from the role of Geographic Information Systems in Africa to the development of learning environments using mobile phones in the Dominican Republic.


Saleema Hamid – Branchless Banking in the Financial Inclusion of the Marginalized


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